russia 1916-1924


Assaniation of Rasputin


They shot him three times and then tied him up and threw him into the Neva River. he drowned, but not before he had managed to untie the knots underwat

Bread Rationing (


The government introduced bread rationing in the capital city after the price of bread had dramatically increased. Many of the women who waited in lines for bread also worked 12 hour shifts at factories.

Petrograd Strikes


A series of strikes broke out in the capital city of Petrograd (formerly St. Petersberg). Actions of working-class women helped changed course of Russian history.

Women 'Peace and Bread" March


About 10,000 women marched through Petrograd demanding " Peace and Bread" and "Down with Autocracy."

General Strike During "Peace and Bread" March


The women were joined by many workers and they organized a general strike that shut down all factories in the city.

Provisional government Established urging Tsar to step down


The Duma, or legislative body met and established a Provisional Government hta t urged the tsar to step down.