Red River Lodge 537


First settlers arrive in Port Royal.


Tennessee County, North Carolina formed.


Tennessee County was organized in 1788 from a portion of Davidson County, North Carolina. Both were transferred, along with the state's five other western counties (the former Washington District), to Federal jurisdiction in 1790 and formed into the Southwest Territory. The county was divided into Montgomery and Robertson counties in 1796, when Tennessee became the nation's 16th state. The land area formerly included in Tennessee County now forms Humphreys, Montgomery, and Robertson counties and portions of Stewart, Dickson, Cheatham, and Houston counties

Red River Baptist Church formed.


Red River Baptist Church is founded at the mouth of the Sulphur Fork Creek at Port Royal. It is the only church for nearly 200 miles.

State of Tennessee is formed.

June 1, 1796

The State of Tennessee is founded, becoming the nation's 16th state.

Rhea Lodge brings Freemasonry to the area.

May 1, 1812

The Grand Lodge of North Carolina grants a dispensation to Rhea Lodge at Port Royal. This is the first Masonic presence in the area and is the ancestor to most Masonic Lodges in our region, including our own.

Rhea Lodge becomes Western Star No. 61.

February 12, 1813

Western Star Lodge No. 61, previously operating as Rhea Lodge is granted a charter by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina. At this time the State of Tennessee did not have a Grand Lodge.

Western Star No. 61 becomes Western Star No. 9.

Approx. January 1, 1818

Western Star Lodge No. 61 is rechartered by the new Grand Lodge of Tennessee as Western Star No. 9, a "roving Lodge" meeting at various residences in Port Royal, then Turnersville, and eventually Springfield where the Lodge was officially chartered in January of 1818 and remains active today.

Hampton Lodge moves to Port Royal.

October 7, 1858

Hampton Lodge No. 257 of Hampton Springs, Tennessee consolidates with Turnersville Lodge No. 137 and moves to Port Royal, becoming Hampton Lodge No. 137. The jewels worn by the officers of our Lodge were originally from Hampton Lodge No. 137.

The American Civil War begins.

April 12, 1861

The Battle of Fort Sumter marks the beginning of the American Civil War.

The American Civil War ends.

May 9, 1865

By proclamation the insurrection is declared over by President Johnson.

Hampton Lodge consolidates with Red River Lodge.


Hampton Lodge #137 is consolidated with Red River Lodge No. 537 in Adams, Tennessee.