History project


The Estates General called a meeting and the King (Louis XVI) opened this meeting


This meeting formed the three estates. The first estate: the clergy the second estate: the nobility and the third estate: the commoners

Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens


This event was the declaration of the human rights so for example: men are born free and remain free and have equal rights.

The storming and surrender of Bastille

July 14 1789

The German soldiers of the Kings guard fought with the Gardes Française

The unsuccessful flight of the Royal Family


The Royal Family tried to escape to the Austrian Netherlands but was recognized on the border

Trial and execution of king Louis XVI

December 10 1792 - January 21 1793

This was the execution of The king because he tried to escape

The reign of terror

1793 - 1794

This was the period in which a lot of people died because of suicide, war and death sentences over 16,599

Robespierre's dictatorship


In this period was Robespierre the boss and he used a dictator way of ruling

Napoleon becomes commander


In this time became Napoleon commander of the French army

The directory takes control

1796 - 1799

The directory took control in this time because it went wrong with the economy

Napoleon takes over France


Napoleon became the ruler of France