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Early Chinese settlers settle near the Yellow and Yangtze river

2205 B.C.

The Spring and Autumn period begins

771 B.C.

The Grand Canal in China is completed

609 B.C.

The abacus is invented

500 B.C.

The period of the warring states begin

403 B.C.

The crossbow is first used in China

342 B.C.

The period of the warring states end.

221 B.C.

Qin Shi Huangdi becomes the first emperor of China

221 B.C.

The writing system becomes standardized by the government.

220 B.C.

The umbrella is invented

210 B.C.

Gaozu establishes the Chinese Civil Service Exam to help run the government

207 B.C.

Merchants bring Buddihism to China

100 A.D.

The first Chinese dictionary is made

100 A.D.

Paper is invented in China

105 A.D.

Buddhism becomes popular in China

400 A.D.

The printing press is used to print a full book called the Diamond Sutra.

868 A.D.

Chinese Opera is invented

960 A.D.

Marco Polo begins his travels to China

1271 A.D.

Beijing becomes the new capital of China

1420 A.D.

The last dynasty comes to a end in China

1911 A.D.