Timeline on my Life



September 23, 1985

I am the third born (last one) in my family. I was born after 10 years of my brothers.


1991 - 2000

My mother was not very eager to send me to school early on. My actual schooling started from grade 1 and that also from the school in my neighborhood. I was later send to Progressive Public School from where I completed my Matriculation.

Birth of my first niece

March 5, 2000

My first niece was born. I was super excited! I wanted to be with her all the time.

Going to college

2002 - 2005

All my friends either went for CBM or DHA. They all had chosen Science as their main subject. I, unlike them, wanted to go for Humanities. The only reason was to study Psychology. I ended up going to St Josephs College for Women. There I spent 4 years of my life. The most stimulating years of my life. I met people from background, different faith.. religion. Until now I had been sheltered and pampered. This was the first time I was down, on my own in the real world.

Going to the University

2006 - 2008

As I was engaged now there was not much problem in continuing with my studies. Also because of the fact that my marriage was not anywhere near. I was allowed to go to the University after very little protest against my brothers. My father wanted me to study and so everyone had to hush! He encouraged me to chose whatever subject I wanted. My mother had always had queries, objections... she probably was just... concerned ( I obviously didn't understand her concerns then) I secured 3rd position in Masters! I was happy and sad at the same time because my friend who secured the 2nd position only had scored only 0.2% percent more!

Joining ICP


I joined ICP soon after my masters. Would not rate it as a very pleasant one. But there was a lot of learning involved. Initially I was appalled at the bitter realities of the world. It was panic striking when people wailed about their life problems. I felt helpless and wanted to run away. I could not and so I learned to survive. Life at ICP was sore! Surviving was an achievement! By the end of the term my monstrous mentors acknowledged my efforts and finally I earned respect and lessons for life!


October 23, 2009

I got married during my diploma year at ICP! I only took 2 weeks off from the internship and had to give my final exams in December!

Birth of my baby boy!

January 3, 2011

Life took a complete shift after marriage. Things went very smooth Alhamdullah and soon I was blessed with a baby boy

My first job

August 1, 2011 - 2012

My first job as a teacher was at Beacon light school system as a part time English teacher for Grade 8 and 9. Teaching was fun but controlling a class of 25 boys was extremely difficult. I faced a lot of problems as there was no support by the management. I was on my own. I read and researched about classroom management. Finally there was some rapport build! I left BLA because they had promised to give me Psychology in the coming year but then they didnt start with the subject at all and I was left with teaching English (Which I didn't want then)

Joining BSS

November 3, 2012

After Beacon light, I taught at Head Start for a few months. That was a very difficult time. I was looking for job but couldn't find any that suited my conditions. I was offered a primary teachers position at HSS which I immediately agreed to knowing the fact that HSS was a good system. In November I was contacted by my neighbor to join Beaconhouse School System. I found it to be a good opportunity and so I went for it!

HAJJ 2014


I was fortunate to perform my first Hajj in 2014.

Birth of 2nd Baby

August 7, 2015

I was blessed with my baby doll in 2015. I had to leave work as I had to attend her full time. It was again a very difficult decision as my husband's job was not very stable. But I had no support from my Mother in law. There was no one to take care of her and so I quit the job!

Joined BSS again

August 1, 2016

I joined BSS again but a different campus in 2016.

Becoming a coordinator

February 8, 2017

I became the school coordinator in Feb! Its a new beginning. There is so much to learn so much to do! Let's see where it takes me...