The colonising Netherlands


Henry Hudson Explores the East Coast for Holland

May 1, 1609

Hudson sailed to Nova Scotia, and then sailed south.

First Dutch Merchants Arrive in Albany

May 20, 1614

Dutch merchants settled along the Hudson River in order to tap into the beaver trade.

Dutch West India Company Formed

May 20, 1621

The Dutch Republic Founded the Company to trade and colonize the New World. It's the Dutch West India Company that created New Netherland.

Peter Minuit Purchases Manhattan and Establishes New Amsterdam

May 20, 1626

Minuit purchased Manhattan Island from the Manhates Indians. The Hudson River corridor between Albany and Manhattan became the heart of New Netherland colony and exchanged furs for European tools and weapons.

Dutch West India Company Offers Patroonships

May 20, 1629

Few Dutch colonists have settled, so the Company would give vast lands to anyone who brought 50 settlers or more, had extraordinary governing powers

Dutch West India Company Appoints Peter Stuyvesant as Director General of New Netherland

Jan 1, 1645

Stuyvesant angered many colonists when he tried to regulate liquor sales, punished those who were not members of the Dutch Reformed church.

Peter Stuyvesant Surrenders New Netherland to English

Sep 9, 1664

English arrived to claim New Netherland, Governor Stuyvesant attemped to get locals to resist, no-one did, New Netherland becomes New York.

Second Anglo-Dutch War

May 20, 1665