Life Concepts Online Project


Johann Bernard Basedow

1749 CE - 1768 CE

1: He set the ground by emphasizing the importance of physical exercise. 2: He devoted a very large amount of time to physical exercise. 3: He passed on his methods by writing a treatise called "On


Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

1811 CE - 1852 CE

1: He emphasized that physical education not only strengthens the body, but also the moral values. 2: He unknowingly told us that motivation is key by emphasizing the need to free Germany to his stu


George Bancroft and Charles Beck


1: George Bancroft showed that physical education is important no matter where, not only to help your country. 2: George Bancroft opened the first physical education school in America. 3: Charles Be


Popular Sports Invented

1849 CE - 1891 CE

1: Alexander Cartwright invents baseball in 1845. 2: James Naismith invents basketball in 1891. 3: First sports to be widely publicized. 4: Increased physical exercise by creating a goal to strive for


1: California pushed other states to make Physical Education mandatory. 2: Promoted exercise as highly beneficial by showing its affects. 3: Made a standard of measurement. 4: Helped ensure higher m


Physical Education Made Manditory