Social media


The Start of Social Media

0560 B.C

Social media has been around a long time. It all started with face to face communication. in the past the only way people could communicate was by meeting up and talking face to face. But now you can just call or text people.

The letter

550 B.C

Long distance communication goes back centuries.The earliest communication across long distances was a written letter delivered by hand. The earliest postal service goes back to 550 B.C.

The Start of Inventions


As centuries went on a lot of inventions started. The first big invention that was made was in the 15 th century. That was the printing press. this kind of the start of news paper. Because this tool allowed you to produce the same information again again so more people would learn about it

The Next Big Thing


The next big invention was the telegraph in 1792.This allowed messages to be delivered over long distances much quicker than through mailing.

The Telephone & Radio


After the telegraph the next two inventions that happened in 1800s were the telephone and radio.We still use them today. Our modern versions are much better and improved. The telephone brought real time communication. People had never experienced this kind of instant communication. This was a huge step for everyone.

The Birth of the Internet


Everything started to change more quickly in the 20th century. Computer scientists started to find ways for people on computers to connect with each other which lead to the development of networks. These were the first steps in the birth of the internet.

The First Form of the Internet


The earliest forms of the Internet, like CompuServe, were developed in the 1960s. Basic forms of email were also developed during this time