Antonio Gonzalez timeline world war II


october 29,1929-1940 the great depression

october 29, 1929 - 1940

this event was key to Germany for many reasons. It gave unemployment to a lot of U.S. citizens, it ruined the stock market( it dropped to the ground), and above all that, gave Germany loans. It was a big benefit to Germany, because the U.S. was crashing to the ground and they were "weak" and the were getting power. This affected Germany in the way that it was getting a lot more money, but also power.

1935: hitler tears up "Treaty of Versailles"


november 24 1933: hitler appointed chancellor of germany

november 1933

june 30, 1934: night of the long knives

june 30 1934

march 7, 1935: Nazi troops enter Rhineland

march 7, 1935

august 1-16, 1935: olympic games are held in Berlin

august 16 1935

In 1935, the Olympic Games were held in Berlin. Hitler used the games to show the rest of Europe his newfound power. An African-American befriended a German long jumper in front of Nazi forces. The German man was killed by the Nazis in front of children not long after because of their friendship. The games were ‘given’ to Germany because these games were held for the Nazis.

march 13, 1938: Hitler annexes austria

march 13 1938

september 29, 1938: Munich agreement takes place

september 29 1938

november 8, 1938: the night of broken glass

november 8 1938

march 15, 1939: Nazi troops enter Czechoslovakia

march 15, 1939

september 1, 1939: Nazi Germany invades poland. Evacuation begins.

september 1 1939

september 3, 1939: UK, France and Commonwealth Countries declare war

september 3, 1939

june 22, 1941: Nazi invasion on the soviet union begins.

june 22, 1941

december 7, 1941: japan attacks pearl harbor

december 7, 1941

On December 7 ,194 1, Japan attacks Pearl Harbor (located in Hawaii). This was carefully thought out and planned attack. That was a big mistake, since that was the cause of the U.S. entering the world war II. Pearl Harbor was caused because Hitler thought if they defeated U.S. they would use them to defeat Russia (Soviet Union)

december 11, 1941: U.S. declares war on germany

december 11, 1941

january 26, 1942:First troops arrive to france

january 26, 1942

May 30-31 1942: Cologne is heavily Bombed by allies

may 30 1942

february 2, 1943: Nazi Forces surrender in Stalingard

february 2, 1943

This event i think is one of the most important ones because it showed hoe the Nazi, which were thought of invinsible, were massacred and forced to surrender, just to live. (although Hitler has said not to surrender, no matter what)

July 24, 1943: severe bombing in Hamburg begins

july 24 1943

January 26, 1945: allied forces heavily bombed Dresden.

january 26, 1945

April 30, 1945: Adolf Hitler commits suicide

april 30, 1945

This is one of the most important events because of many reasons but the main one is that the Nazi era is over. He was the biggest leader in the World War II and he died, so the war was over.