development and growth of facebook


When it all started

February 4, 2004

The Harvard sophomore, Mark Zuckerberg. Launched the site used to be known as "". It had been a great success, rapidly the site was over viewed by over 400 million people a month.


Approx. September 2004

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss claimed that Zuckerberg took the initial idea of "Facebook" from them and decide to sued him for $65 million



" finally changed its name to having dropped "the" and what is now known as Facebook.

Launch of photos

October 2005

Facebook started as a simple site where each and every profile only consisted of text and details about every user. it wasn't until this year, late October when photos where introduced.

Mobile app

April 2006

The continuously growth and development immensely increased in no time, this led to the launch of the Facebook mobile app. The site was not only used by students at Harvard but to the wide world, everything was public and it was much easier to communicate among each other.

Massachusetts court


After the lawsuits , cameron and Tyler Winklevoss took Zuckerberg to court . The Judge Douglas P. Woodlock called their allegations "tissue thin." The situation wasn't resolved into a year later when the twin brothers decided to drop charges.

Platform launch

May 2007

The platform system was launched, this new featured allowed programmers to develop new tools for playing games, share photos, take quizzes.

Faebook chat

April 2008

The development of Facebook was a constant great success, soon enough people where able to communicate privately and it was easier to meet new people.

The big 500

July 2010

The site was used by over 500 million users, this had been a great success for Facebook. although privacy started to be a concern for most users and Facebook knew something had to be done in order for the site to continue growing and developing

Facebook buys instagram

April 9,2012

Facebook bought Instagram from Kevin Systrom , Mike Krieger for just $1 billion in cash even though Instagram remained as their own app but the services provided were linked to Facebook. For example connection Facebook to your Instagram, meaning you were now able to follow your Facebook contacts on Instagram.

Buy button

June 2015

The buy button was attached to merchants who used shopify eccomerce platform this allowed others to directly purchase the item from facebook without using a different website or app

Facebook stories

March 2017

Just like snap chat stories, Facebook came with this update to enable people to put stories on messengers for others to see

chat reactions

march 23, 2017

Facebook updated their site , you are now able to react to messages on messenger. for example these reactions let others react to individual messages with variety of emotions such as happy, sad etc.

Live Location

March 27, 2017

Facebook introduced the live location feature in messenger. this will enable your friends and family to view your exact location. others can now track you down and can be useful to some as a way to inform them that you are on your way or were you are.