Evolving Presidency


Washington's Inauguration

April 30,1789

First time a person is elected President of the United States

Alien and Sedition Acts


Louisiana Purchase

April 30, 1803

Signing of Louisiana Purchase which started idea of "manifest destiny" while stepping outside of presidential authority in Constitution

Jackson Ignores Worcester v. Georgia Decision

Approx. 1832

President ignored Supreme Court ruling eventually leading to Trail of Tears. Link has image of Samuel Worcester.


John Tyler Becomes President

April 4, 1841

Link has video along with a brief description of Tyler

Lincoln Suspends Habeas Corpus Rights

April 27, 1861

Johnson Impeached

February 24, 1868

After Lincoln's powerful presidency, Johnson's impeachment signaled decades of congressional control during the middle and end of 19th century. An image and linked information are below:


Sherman Antitrust Act


Act was used by Teddy Roosevelt and other presidents to side with workers and consumers against monopolies; Congress initially had this power, but Roosevelt used his bully pulpit to force congressional action.

Emergency Banking Relief Act

March 9, 1933

Implementation of First New Deal Program which changes way the federal government is involved in citizens' lives

FDR's First Fireside Chat

March 12, 1933

FDR commands the airwaves to calm a nervous population


Japanese Internment During World War II

February 19, 1942 - March 20, 1946

JFK Inauguration Speech


JFK's inaugural speech which challenged Americans during the Cold War and inspired them to a greater cause.


Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

August 7, 1964

Congress cedes power and authorizes a "blank check" for war effort in Vietnam

CNN launched

June 1, 1980

Launch of first 24 hours news channel which revolutionized the coverage of politics

Reagan "Tear Down This Wall" Speech

June 12, 1987

Reagan's speech is an example of his effective communication skills.


Signing of Patriot Act

October 26, 2001

Led to massive government surveillance since 9/11 leading to violations of some constitutional rights

Affordable Care Act Signed

March 23, 2010

Healthcare becomes regulated by government, specifically the executive branch, instead of a state power as stated by the Constitution.