Seven Year War

1756 - 1763

War with multiple conflicts cross different nations, including most European powers. Effected France's economic state.

Treaty of Paris

Approx. 1783

Ended the US' Revolutionary War. Effects helped lead towards the French Revolution

Day of the Tiles

Approx. 1788

Riots take place in Grenoble. Actions mostly included objects being thrown at houses and people.

Storming of Bastille

Approx. 1789

Armed citizens storm Bastille in revolt against the monarch.

Estates General Meeting

May 5, 1789

Day of meeting appointed by King Louis XVI in an attempt to help solve the financial problems of the nation.

March on Versailles

October 5, 1789

Group of protesters march their way toward the Palace of Versailles, in which they broke in and tried to show the king and queen how poor their living conditions were.

Reign of Terror

September 1793 - July 27, 1794

Period of time in which people were executed for being involved in the revolution.
Approximately 16,000 people were guillotined.