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Louis XIV

1661 - 1715

Louis XIV begins is reign as the king of France in 1661 and was king for 72 years. Ending in 1715.
- During his reign he established that France was the dominant European country.
-Near the end of his reign there was many wars which led to not enough resources for people which helped lead to the revolution.
-Louis XIV was responsible for making himself and the nobles very wealthy, leaving

Austrian War

1740 - 1748
  • Austria did not like the fact that Robes Pierre eliminated the monarchy in France.
  • Austria was afraid that a trend would start across Europe of banishing royal family’s.
  • This created a war between many countries.

Maximilien Robespierre

1758 - 1794

-Robespierre was a member of the estates-general and represented the 3rd estate, he was trying to stop the extreme poverty within the 3rd estate of France.
-He was also a radical leader of the Jacobins and was the main "architects" of the reign of terror.

Marie Antoinette

1774 - 1791

-Marie did not have a significant role in the French revolution as she was Austrian and did not influence her husband king Louis XVI's decisions.
-She spent tons of money on expensive jewellery and clothes, and did obnoxious hairstyles that required hours of work.
-She had no real concern for the people of France and did not make any big changes.

Louis XVI

May 10 1774 - September 4 1791
  • He was the last king of France
  • He was very bad at making important decisions and an unpopular king to many people, which left the majority of the population in extreme poverty, except for the nobiity who lived a great life.
  • Louis XVI was arrested in 1792 for high treason, was found guilty and was executed in 1793

The Estates General

  • The Estates General was a representation assembly of deputies from the three estates

The Declaration of the Rights of Man

  • Is a fundamental document of the French Revolution and in the history of human and civil rights.

The Tennis Court Oath

Approx. June 20 1789

-Deputies of the third estate began to meet at the tennis court of oath because the doors to the chamber were locked.
- They called themselves the national assembly.
- This was a way for the third estate to protest in that point in time

The Storming Of The Bastille

July 14 1789

-Third estate had no gun powder, so they stormed the Bastille.
-They stole all the gun powder and destroyed the dungeon as it was a significant symbol to Paris.

The March On Versailles

October 5 1789

-The woman of the marketplace of Paris, rioted over the price of bread being to expensive

Constitution of 1791

  • A written agreement that symbolized human equality.
  • It also meant the collapse of monarchy in France.

The Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794
  • The Reign of Terror was the period of the French Revolution. There were 16,954 people who died during this time. The guillotine also called the "National Razor" became the symbol of revolutionary cause, this lead to the death of King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette and many more important people.

The Directory

1795 - 1799

The Directory was a group of five men who held the executive power in France according to the constitution of the year 1795 of the French Revolution.

Napolean Bonaparte

1805 - 1814

-Napolean was a very successful leader near the French revolution
-Napolean was considered by most people to be the saviour of France
-He brought unity and equality to France