Critical Incidents Timeline- Rightmeier


Private Piano Lessons Begin


2nd Grade

Alto Saxophone in Concert Band Begins


6th Grade

Marching Band Travel Begins


10th Grade

Acceptance to BSU Music Education Program


Senior Year High School

Private Saxophone Lessons Begin

September 2012

1st Semester College

Met Owen

April 2013

2nd Semester BSU

Failure of 4 Music Ed Interviews

January 2014 - January 2016

4th - 7th Semester BSU

Major Switch- Elementary Education

January 2016

8th Semester BSU

First Ever 4.0

May 2016

8th Semester BSU

Acceptance to Teacher Education

November 2016

9th Semester BSU

Acceptance to Professional Year (pending)

March 2017

10th Semester BSU