Church History Gina Grden



33 AD

Jesus rose 50 days before Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came down to the apostles and gave them the ability to speak in tongues. This is now known as the birthday of the Church.

Jesus' Resurrection and Ascension

33 AD

Jesus rose from the dead on what we now know as Easter Sunday. Mary Magdalene was the first to see the risen Jesus. Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after this.

Edict of Milan

313 AD

The Edict of Milan allowed the people in the Roman Empire to practice the Christian Faith. The emperor of Rome, Constantine got a vision from God in battle. He then wrote the Edict of Milan.

great schism


The Great Schism split the Eastern orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church. This is also known as the Schism of 1054.

protestant reformation

1517 - 1648

The protestant Reformation was when Martin Luther left the Catholic Church brining many people with him which led to protestant churches forming.

Papacy of Saint Pope John Paul II the great

1978 - 2005

Saint Pope John paul lived a very holy starting on May 18, 1920; the day of his birth. His life ended on April 2, 2005. We celebrate him on October 22; his feast day.

Papacy of Pope Francis

February 28, 2013

Pope Francis was born on December 17, 1936. He lived a very holy life while being chosen as pope on March 13, 2013.

Saints and doctors of the church

Pope Leo the great's life

Approx. 390 AD - November 10, 461 AD

Pope Leo the great started his journey as pope in the september of 440 AD. He lived a life devoted to God and died on November 10, 461 AD.

Saint brigid of kildares life

Approx. 450 AD - Approx. 525 AD

Saint Brigid of Kildare is the patron saint of many things including cattle, our school & Parish, dairymaids, and many more.

Saint Thomas Aquinas' lifegina

Approx. 1225 AD - march 7, 1274

Saint Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Domnican friar, Catholic priest, and doctor of the Church.

Saint Marianne Cope's life

January 23, 1838 - august 9, 1918

The Catholic Church celebrates Saint Marianne Cope's life on January 23. She is the patron saint of lepers, outcasts, and many more.

Saint Katherine Drexel's life

November 26, 1858 - march 3, 1955

Saint Katherine Drexel was canonized in 2000. She was an American heiress, philanthropist, religious sister, educator, and foundress.

Saint Faustina Kowalska's life

august 25, 1905 - october 5, 1938

Saint Faustina Kowalska was a Polish Roman Catholic nun and mystic. She is the patron saint of divine mercy.

canonization date of Saint Faustina Kowalska

april 18, 1993

Saint Faustina Kowalska was canonized by Pope John Paul II.

Church Councils

Council of Nicaea

325 AD

The Council of Nicaea was the first ecumenical council of the church. It was called by the Roman emporor constantine.

Council of Constantinople

381 AD

The Council of Constantinople was a Council of Christian Bishops convented in Constantinople.

Council of Ephesus

431 AD

The Council of Ephesus was a Council of Christian Bishops convented in Ephesus. Called by the Roman Emporor Theodosius II.

Council of Chalcedon

451 AD

The Council of Chalcedon lasted from October 8th to November 1st. A minority of christians do not agree with the council's teachings.

Council of Trent


The Council of Trent was one of the most important ecumenical Councils. It has been described as the embodiment of the Counter-Reformation.

First Vatican Council


The First Vatican Council was convented by Pope Pius IX. It is chiefly remembered for its declaration of papal infallibility.

Second Vatican Council


The second Vatican Council was declared by Pope John XXIII on January 25, 1959. This was called as a means of spiritual renewal for the church.