Church History

Birth and Death dates

Saint Brigid's Life

450 - 525

Saint Brigid was born into slavery but later escaped. She spread the word of Jesus Christ in many ways including founding monasteries and churches. She lived in Kildare, Ireland.

Saint Anselm's life

1033 - 1109

Saint Anselm was a monk, abbot, philosopher and theologian in the Catholic Church. He cared for the poor and less fortunate.

Saint Thomas Aquinas's Life

1225 - 1274

Saint Thomas was born in Italy. At age 5 he began training to enter into a monastery. Thomas died of an illness later in his life.

Saint Theresa of Avila's life

March 28, 1515 - October 4, 1582

Saint Theresa was an author and devout nun. She was very close to her friends and cared about others greatly.

Saint John Neumann's Life

1811 - 1860

Saint John Neumann was an immigrant from Bohemia. He became the bishop of Philadelphia.

St. Katharine Drexel's Life

November 26, 1858 - March 3, 1955

Saint Kathrine Drexel was a devoted christian. She reached out to the poor and she educated children. She founded missionaries and a school for Indians and blacks.


Council of Nicaea


The first council of the Church. Was held to try to unite people under Christianity. Was held by the Roman Emperor Constantine.

Council of Constantinople


This council was convened by Theodosius I. It was held to unite the Church over the issue of whether Christ was the son of God.

Council of Ephesus


This council was held by emperor Theodosius II. The conflict was around the nature of Christ. In the end the council confirmed the Nicene creed and allowed a second name for Mary and Jesus.

Council of Chalcedon


This Council was held because of a man named Eutyches. The conflict was over Jesus's two natures: human and divine.

Council of Trent

1545 - 1563

This council was one of the most important councils of the church. Because of the protestants, this council made firm again the traditional Catholic beliefs and formulated the ideals of the Catholic Reformation.

First Vatican Council

1869 AD - 1870 AD

This council was convened by Pope Pius IX. He convened it because there was a conflict between liberalism and materialism.

Second Vatican Council

1962 AD - 1965 AD

Announced by Pope John XXIII. First council in nearly 100 years. The council was held as a spiritual renewal for the Church and because of some Christians who broke away from the Church.


Papacy of Saint Pope John Paul II the Great

1978 - 2005

John grew up a faithful Catholic, but was often involved in Jewish activities and interacted with Jewish children. He was close with Mother Theresa. He died from septic shock at age 84.

Papacy of Pope Francis

March 13, 2013 - Present

Pope Francis was born in Argentina. He is the 266 pope and is the current pope. he is known for reaching out to the poor and helping the greater good. He is a very modern pope and made a new corporal work of mercy going along with his beliefs.

Other important dates

Jesus's resurrection and Ascension

30 AD

3 days after Jesus was crucified, he resurrected from the dead. He said that if his temple was destroyed, he could build it back in 3 days. 40 days after his resurrection he ascended into heaven.


30 AD

On Pentecost the holy spirit ascended on the disciples. It gave them the courage to go out into the world and preach the good news of Christ. It gave them to power to speak different tongues.

Edict of Milan

313 AD

The edict of Milan established religious toleration in Rome specifically for Christians.

The Great Schism

1378 - 1417

The Great Schism was the event that split the Catholic Church into 2 groups. The western Roman Catholics and the eastern Orthodox Catholics.

Protestant Reformation

1517 - 1648

This was the split between the Protestants and the Catholic Church.