Church History



33 AD

Jesus rose from the dead on Holy Saturday and Ascended into heaven on the third day, Easter Sunday.


33 AD

Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles after Jesus rose from the dead. The Holy Spirit did this because the Apostles were hiding and not spreading the good news. The Holy Spirit gave them courage.

Edict of Milan

313 AD

The edict of Milan gave all persons freedom to worship what they wanted.

The Great Schism


The Great Schism is the final separation between the eastern and the western church.

St. Francis of Assisi Canonization

July 16 1228

St. Francis of Assisi was canonized in July by his good friend Pope Gregory IX.

Protestant Reformation

1517 - 1648

This is when Martin Luther broke off from the Catholic Church and formed the Lutheran religion.

Pope John Paul II The Great Papacy

1975 AD - 2005 AD

Pope John Paul the Great was one of the best popes, so they called him by his name and put the name "Great" after it. His home was in Poland

Pope Francis Papacy: no death yet

March 13 2013 - Present

Pope Francis is the 266th Roman Catholic Church Pope. His home is in Argentina.

Church Councils

Council of Nicea

325 AD

First council of Nicea was on July 4th.

Council of Constantinople

381 AD

It was called by the Roman emperor Theodosius. This is the second council.

The Council of Ephesus

431 AD

Held by the Roman Emperor Theodosius II.

The Council of Chalcedon

451 AD

This was the fourth ecumenical council of The Church. A majority of the Christians do not agree with the Council's teachings.

The Council of Trent


One of The Church's most important councils. Prompted by Protestant reformation.

The First Vatican Council


Convoked by Pope Pius IX.

The Second Vatican Council


Announced by Pope John XXIII.

Saints and Doctors of the Church

Birthday and death of Saint Brigid

451 AD - 525 AD

St Brigid of Kildare, our parish patron saint, was born on 451 AD and died on 525 AD. Her feast day is February 1st.

St Francis of Assisi's life

1181 - October 3 1226

St. Francis is born in 1181. He lived in Assisi in Italy. St. Francis died on October 3rd, 1226.

Birthday and death of Saint Thomas Aquinas

1226 AD - 1274 AD

Saint Thomas Aquinas was a Doctor of the Church.

Saint Robert Bellarmine

October 4 1542 - September 17 1621

Robert Bellarmine was a doctor of The Church; this means that he helped the church in some way with Scripture.

Saint Francis De Sales

August 21 1567 - December 28 1622

Saint Francis de Sales was one of the doctors of The Church. Being a doctor of the Church means that you helped the Church with scripture.

Elizabeth Ann Seton

August 28 1774 - January 4 1821

Elizabeth Ann Seton was an American Saint who was the first native born American canonized by the Pope.

Saint John Newman

1811 - 1860

Saint John Newman was one of the American saints. He wanted to get ordained in his home town, but all the bishops didn't need any more priests. Instead, he reached out to America, and finally a bishop in new York was willing to ordain him.