Church History Timeline - Regan Sommer


Jesus' Ascension

33 AD

Jesus goes up to Heaven


33 AD

This is the birthday of the Catholic church. The acts of the apostles offer the first account of the spirit's activity in the church.

Jesus' Resurrection

33 AD

When Jesus rose from the tomb after 3 days.

Edict of Milan


The roman empire declared war on Christianity. As the church grew so did the anger of Rome.

Great Schism


This was the break between the Eastern Orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church.

Protestant Reformation

1517 - 1648

This was lead by Martin Luther. This was the event that created the branches of Christianity.


Council of Nicea


This council rejected the teachings of Arius. HIs teachings stated that Jesus was not fully divine. The council clarified the teachings of the church, stating that Jesus is both fully human and fully divine.

Council of Constantinople


This council rejected teachings of the Macedonians, who said that Jesus was not divine. This stated that the Holy Spirit is consubstantial with the Father and and the Son.

Council of ephesus


This council condemned the Nestorians, who claimed that there were two different persons in the incarnate Christ. This is false because Jesus is one divine person with two natures. This council also declared Mary as the Mother of God.

Council of Chalcedon


This council condemned monophysitism, which said that Jesus is only one nature, a combination of his divine and human nature.

Council of Trent

1545 - 1563

This prompted the protestant reformation.

First Vatican Council

1869 - 1870

This council enhanced the potential for papal ministry in the church. It also spurred a great renewal of the church.

Second Vatican Council

1962 - 1965

The purpose of this council was an update of the church. The most spectacular reform of this council was the area of the liturgy,

Saints and Doctors of the Church

Saint Brigid of Kildare

451 - 525

Saint Brigid founded a monastery that was called the Church of the Oak. She also founded a school. Saint Brigid left very many important places in ireland.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

1225 - 1274

Thomas was believed to have been born in a castle. He was also expected to enter a monastery. He had a very good education since he was five.

Saint Catherine of Siena

1347 - 1380

Catherine did not join a convent instead she joined the Third order of St. Dominic. Catherine had a habit of giving away her family's things to the poor. She also often visited hospitls and homes were people were sick.

Saint Teresa of Avila

1515 - 1582

Teresa was born two years before the protestant reformation. Her father thought she was out of control and sent her to a convent at the age of 16. There she learned she had a very strong bond with God.

Saint Rose of Lima

April 20, 1586 - August 24, 1617

Rose was always very involved in helping the poor. She also lived a life full of kindness and dedication to God.

Canonization date of Saint Rose of Lima

April 12, 1671

Saint Rose lived a very prayerful and religious life. She is confirmed that she is in heaven on this date.

Saint John Neuman

1811 - 1860

John Neuman left his home at the age of 25 hoping to be ordained a priest. He later then became bishop of Philadelphia for 8 years.

Saint Marianne Cope

1838 - 1918

She was part of the Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis. The sisters went to Hawaii to hep leprosy patients. They were not scared of getting the disease.