Civil Rights


Black Sunday

Approx. April 14, 1935

Severe dust storm hits the Dakotas to Texas causing a huge dust clouds that caused many deaths and a drought to the area.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

1955 - 1956

Boycott caused by Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat 4 days earlier before the boycott began. African Americans began to find ways to go against the bus system of Montgomery like completely not riding the bus at all until given their rights.

Little Rock Nine


A group of 9 African American students who broke through the racism barriers and became the first black students at Little Rock High school

Friendship Nine


9 students from Friendship Junior college who protested the segregated lunch counters at McCrory's in Rock Hill. They were arrested and was asked to pay a 100 dollar fine or go to jail and work for 30 days. They chose the jail option and opened up a new strategy during the Civil rights movement.

Freedom Riders

May 4, 1961

A group of protesters both white and black who protested segregation on bus trips through the south.

16th street Baptist church in Birmingham bombed


A bomb explodes in 16th street Baptist Church when the church is preparing for their day. It is a racial attack and kills four young girls in the process, shocking the nation.

March on Washington

August 28, 1963

gathering of more than 200,000 people on Washington for jobs and freedom. Made to give light on the political and social challenges African Americans continued to face across the country. date when MLK jr. gave his "I have a Dream" speech

Selma Montgomery March

March 7, 1965 - March 21, 1965

March led by MLK Jr. to Montgomery from Selma, Alabama for 3 days for voting rights. They were protected by the National Guard troops and this became a historically known march.

Watts Riots

August 11, 1965 - August 17, 1965

Starts when 2 white police officers scuffle with a black motorist who they suspected was drunk driving and then arrest. Many people gather around to watch and got angered and caused a riot that spread over a 50 square mile area of South Central Los Angeles.

Orangeburg, SC Massacre


Event where 3 students were killed and 27 wounded at he SC state University. Happened when 200 students protested the segregation of black patrons at the All Star Bowling lane nearby. They did this for 2 days then tensions between the cops began rising. On Feb 8, the protesters started a bonfire that the law enforcement officer began to put out. He was injured then a highway patrol man fired his gun to calm the crowd which made the police think they were under fire and shot at the protesters.