black history


first black slaves in America

Approx. 1619

In 1619 the first black slaves are brought to America from Angola. They work on the large tobacco, sugar and cotton plantations

Anthony Johnson becomes the first free african american

Approx. 1662

Pennsylvanian society is the first american organization to fight the slavery

Approx. 1775

Vermont is the first state to abolish slavery

Approx. 1777

Underground Railway helps slaves to go in Canada

Approx. 1852

' Uncle Tom's cabin ' by Harriet Beecher Stowe is the first anti slavery novel

Approx. 1852

American civil war between Confederation and Union for the abolition of slavery

Approx. 1861 - Approx. 1865

Emandaments to give civil right to african americans

Approx. 1868 - Approx. 1875

blacks are segregated from whites in southern places

Approx. 1890

jazz and blues become popular

Approx. 1920 - Approx. 1930

Billie Holliday records ' Strange Fruit ' about blacks being lynched by Klu Klux Klan

Approx. 1939

Rosa Parks is arrested for violating segregation. Black civil right activist boycott al city buses

Approx. 1956

segregation laws are abolished

Approx. 1957