Untitled timeline


June 2013


June 2013- Just finished my sophomore year, and I’m going abroad next semester to Australia. Ever since the spring break road trip I took down to Panama City Beach, FL I thoroughly enjoy traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. I should probably start looking for an internship so I could have a job straight out of college. I’m thinking something along the lines of research and development but I think I will know more towards this time. My roommate and one of my best friends, Nate, and I started a non profit company called 1PACT: 1% Alliance for Cancer Treatment. By this time we hope to have at least 10 members as well as a partnership with LIVESTRONG.

January 2014


January 2014- Back from Australia, and my future from here depends a lot on how that went. Living in California might not look as good as living on the other side of the world in Australia, but well see. I really emphasize on where I’m living because it really has a profound impact on your life. Although I never really moved from the small town of Weston, I did move from my first home where I grew up. I really feel that moving altered my overall feeling of life. I really miss that house, but I don’t think it’s necessarily the house I miss, it’s the family aspect that came with the house. Anyways, hopefully I have an internship by now and I am maybe even considering doing a co-op semester. I will probably be living in the fraternity house this semester.

June 2014


June 2014- End of junior year, by now I might have some of the skills to start building things, even just to experiment. By now I will probably have a good deal of experience in CAD and can start designing some products. Hopefully by now I have the Jetta sold, as well as the Multi-Touch table to go with it, better yet, put the multi touch table inside the Jetta in the passenger/driver dashboard. I wonder how much the price of 3D printers will drop by the time I get out of school.

January 2015


January 2015- Mid-senior year, I should have an internship by now if I’ve decided to go the same route that I’ve been planning. A big question that I am raising now is whether I am going to be studying here for 4 or 5 years. Id like to enjoy my time at school while I still have it so I may do a relaxed 5 years rather than a stressful 4. Hopefully by this time 1PACT is really taking off. I might be saying this because I haven’t had much time this current semester (fall 2012), but I think it would be best for Nate and I to schedule a time every week to sit down and get things done. I feel that we could be a lot more productive if we focused all our attention to 1PACT rather than doing it while working on something else. I see myself either living in a satellite house or at Hartwick or Knox with some brothers.

June 2015


June 2015- By this time, if I have decided on 5 years (which I likely have), most of my class and closest friends will be graduating leaving me behind. Luckily I will still have a large majority of the brothers in the fraternity by my side. Its real important for me to get close with the lower pledge classes because those are going to be the only ones around by this time. I can start looking at places to live depending on what I’m doing work wise and salary wise. I wonder how my parents would feel if I moved out to CA, maybe if I settled down with a good job and started what I plan to in the basement of my home I can ask my dad and brother if they’d like to work for me, they could be behind the business aspect of it. Maybe offer Devin and Nate a job as well so I could fulfill my goal of keeping in contact with all my friends.

January 2016


January 2016- I hope to still be at the university of Maryland as a “super” senior. I don’t plan as taking as rigorous of a schedule that I have been taking the past for years. I plan to split up my time in thirds: one being school, two being work, and the just me time, to relax and enjoy life. I know for sure I will still be coming up with new ideas for everything life as to offer and by this time I should definitely begin proposing my ideas to larger companies, even without a prototype. Better yet, I should utilize the facilities here at UMD to create a prototype, possibly with the 3D printer. By now I should be deciding what to do after college, take a year off and travel? Live at home for a year? Just take whatever comes my way?