History of ships and boats


prehistory and ancient times

5000 BCE - 3000 BCE

Mesopotamian sailors invent sails

prehistoric and ancient timesa

1500 BCE - 27 BCE

Greeks build giant warships, including biremes and triremes

prehistoric and ancient times

27 BCE - 400 CE

Romans build galleys,the ancient ancestors of modern warships, with innovation including a raised bridge.

Middle ages


vikings invented clinker buildings

middle ages


the central rubber starts to replace the " steerboard".

middle ages

1400 - 1600

Most large ships are wooden built and sail powered, and include cogs,carracks,galleys,and galleons

Great age of shipping


First iron hulled boat is built ( in England)

Great age of shipping


Marquis d'Abbans builds the first steamboat.

Great age of shipping


Robert Fulton sets a record for traveling from New York City to Albany with a steamboat called Clermont

Modern ships


Marine gas turbine engines are used for the first time

Modern ships


Us Navy scraps the last of its giant battle ships,USS Missouri

Modern ships


Us Navy launches an experimental, radar invisible stealth boat called the Sea Shadow, based on a SWATH design.