First Boats

Approx. 10,000 BCE - Approx. Present

First boats include rafts, skin, hide and bark boats, kayaks, and dugouts.

Egyptians Make First Wooden Plank Boats

Approx. 3000 BCE - Present

Ancient Egyptians make the first boats from wooden planks.

Greeks Build Warships

1500 BCE - 27 BCE

Greeks build giant warships, including biremes and triremes.

Vikings Invent clinker building

300 - Present

Vikings invent clinker building.

Christopher Columbus

Approx. 1400 - Approx. 1500

Great voyages by Christopher Columbus

Wooden Submarine

1620 - Present

Cornelis Drebble builds the first submarine from wood.

Iron-hulled boats

1777 - Present

First iron-hulled boat built.

SS Savannah crosses Atlantic in 29 days


Steamboat SS Savannah crosses the Atlantic in record 29 days.

Highly Efficient Steam Engine


Sir Charles Parsons invents a highly efficient steam engine.

Marine Gas Turbine Engines


Marine gas turbine engines used for the first time.

US Navy launches first nuclear-powered submarine, USS Nautilus


US Navy launches first nuclear-powered submarine.

US Navy Scraps Battleships


US Navy scraps last of its giant battleships.