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Events in American History

Jamestown settlement


America's first permanent settlement in North America. This allowed the British to have a foothold in the Americas.

Mayflower Compact


The first governing document of Plymouth colony. The first laws forming a government in the British Colonies

French and Indian Wars

1754 - 1763

The war between the French and British for control over North America. This war allowed the British to force the French out of North America.

Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

This was the war that granted America its freedom. The British were thrown out of North America and the United States was finally recognized as an independen country.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

The Civil was the Battle fought bewteen the Union and the Conferderacy. This battled destroyed the South and abolished slavery.


1914 - 1918

This war was fought between the Central Powers and the Allies. America suffered many casualties from this war.


1939 - 1945

This war was between the Axis and the Allies. America ended coming out of the war as a super power.


1950 - 1954

The years in which many people were accused of being communists in the United States. Many people lost their jobs and public good-will after being accused of supporting communism.

Korean War

1950 - 1953

A proxy war where the United States and her allies fought Russia and her allies over control of Korea.


1955 - 1975

This was another proxy war fought by the US backed South Vietnam vs the North Koreans backed by the Soviets. American public backlash at the war was harsh on politicians.