Black Death


Plague bacillus released in Central Asia.

Approx. April, 1346

An earthquake caused the plague to be released in Central Asia. The area was under control of the Mongol Khanate.

Dead Mongol Troops catapulted over Kaffa city walls by Kipchak Khan.

Approx. October, 1346

The spread of the plague killed many Mongol Troops that were surrounding the port of Kaffa. The leader of their troop Kipchak Khan catapulted the dead bodies over the city walls.

Plague reached Constantinople, Turkey

Approx. May, 1347

Citizens of Kaffa fled from the plague.

Approx. September, 1347

The people of Kaffa board on ships and leave the city to try and escape the plague.

Plague reaches Messina, Sicily

Approx. October, 1347

The plague had been carried by the East trading ships. Boccaccio said the symptoms of the plague were "The first signs of the plague were lumps in the groin and armpits After this, livid black spots appeared on the arms and thighs and other parts of the body. Almost all died within three days”. Only after this did the people start calling the plague the BLACK DEATH.

Plagued reached Venice and Genoa

Approx. November, 1347

The plague reached the French port of Marseilles.

Approx. March, 1348