Viking Middle Ages


Attack on Lindisfarne


The Lindisfarne raid marked the beginning of the Viking middle ages. The Vikings landed and attacked the poorly guarded monastery, as well as killing many monks and taking treasures from the building. Some Christian monks believed that god had sent the Vikings to punish the settlement of wrongdoing.

Discovery of Dublin


In 840 the Vikings discover Dublin bay and create two settlements, one in Wood Quay and one at Christ church cathedral. The Vikings kept these grounds for nearly three centuries until they lost their land in 1014 to Irish King Brian Boru.

French King pays ransom to prevent Paris burning


In 845 5,000 Vikings led by Ragnar Lodbrok, pillaged Paris until a desperate King Charles of France paid a ransom of 7,000 pounds of silver to stop the Vikings from burning the Capital to the ground.

Settling in Iceland


This settlement was believed to have been founded in 874 by migrating Norse settlers. This settlement was ideal for a wider expansion of Norse civilization.

The Danelaw Pact


In 886, a border was drawn between London and Mersey. North of the border would be Viking land and South of the border would be ruled by the King of Wessex. This only lasted for 50 years until the English overcame north of the boundary.

Vikings settle in Normandy under Rollo


In 911 the Vikings were defeated by the Franks at the battle of Charters. After this, Rollo (Viking leader) signed a treaty witch entitled him to upper Normandy giving the Vikings a new settlement.

Erik the Red discovers greenland


After Erik's exile from Iceland he explored the western land. As he could not dock because of the icy shores Erik and his men traveled to the tip of Greenland where they stopped. In 986 Erik sailed back to Iceland where he founded a Colony and had four children.

Iceland converted to Christianity


In 1000 AD Christianity became the religion in Iceland by law. Prior to this many Christian missionaries tried and failed to convert. When Olaf Tryggvasson rose to the throne he had far more success and converted much of the population of Iceland to Christianity.

Abandonment of the Vinland settlement


Vinland is mostly spoken of in Sagas. It is believed that the Vikings abandoned this area of America to go back to Iceland. It is not known why the Vikings would have retreated from this settlement as it showed potential for the future.

Battle of Hastings


The Battle of Hastings marked the end of the middle aged Viking era. When William the Conqueror killed King Harold II, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, he started a new Norse kingdom based in Britain.