Life of Paul


Paul's Birth

2 a.d.

Born in the city of Tarsus to an Israelite family of the tribe of Benjamin.
(Philippians 3:5)

Religious Training in Jerusalem

12 A.D. - 15 A.D.

Paul studies under Rabbi Gamaliel (Acts 5:34)

The Conversion of Saul

33 A.D.

Converted by Christ and appointed the Apostle for the Gentiles

Paul learning in Damascus

33 a.d. - 35 a.d.

Paul returns to Tarsus

36 a.d - 45 a.d

From Tarsus to Antioch

44 a.d

Paul brought from Tarsus to Antioch; stays there one year before the famine.

Visits Jerusalem

45 a.d

Visits Jerusalem with Barnabas to relieve the famine.

First Journey

48 a.d. - 49 a.d.


Return to Antioch

49 a.d.

Second Journey

50 a.d. - 52 a.d.

1, 2 Thessalonians

Jerusalem Council

50 a.d.

You don't have to become a Jew on your way to becoming a Christian.
Acts 15:1-35

Thrown in Prison

50 a.d.

Philippian jailer believes
Released upon Roman citizenship

Paul meets Aquila and Priscilla

51 a.d.

Arrived from Rome
Acts 18:2

Leaves Aquila and Priscilla at Ephesus

52 a.d.

Then travels to Antioch
Acts 18:19

Third Journey

53 A.D. - 57 a.d.

1, 2 Corinthians

The "lost" epistle

54 a.d.

Paul then wrote an epistle which the church does not now possess (1 Cor 5:9)

The riot at Ephesus

56 a.d.

Acts 19:23-41

First Imprisonment

58 a.d. - 62 a.d.


Shipwreck at Malta

59 a.d.

Acts 28:1


62 a.d. - 67 a.d.

1 Timothy

Great fire at Rome

64 a.d.

Roman Christians blamed and persecuted by Nero.

Second Imprisonment

67 a.d. - 68 a.d.

2 Timothy

Paul's Execution

68 a.d.