Civil Rights Timeline


Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 5, 1955 - December 20, 1956

Political and social protest against racial segregation on buses. Took place in Montgomery, Alabama.

Little Rock 9


This was a group of nine African American kids. They enrolled themselves into Little Rock Central HighSchool.

Friendship Nine


Group of blacks went to jail after planning a sit-in. They sat in a segregated lunch counter in Rock Hill.

Freedom Riders

May 4, 1961

These Freedom Riders were activists riding buses to protest segregation. Looked to integrate facilities at bus stops and tried to us "white-Only" facilities.

March on Washington

August 28, 1963

Held in Washington. March for jobs and freedom. 200,000 to 300,000 people participated in it.

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing

September 15, 1963

Act of white terrorism in Birmingham, Alabama. 4 people died.

Selma-Montgomery March

March 7, 1965 - March 21, 1965

This was not just one but three marches. Went from %4-mile long highway from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery Capitol.

Watts Riots

August 11, 1965 - August 16, 1965

An African-American was arrested for drunk driving in the neighborhood of Watts st. An argument broke out which led to the violence.

Orangeburg SC Massacre

February 8,1968

Highway patrol officers had a shooting on protesters. Occurred at South Carolina State University.

Bloody Sunday

January 30, 1972

Also known as the Bogside Massacre. British soldiers shot 26 civilians who were unarmed. Happened during a peaceful protest.