Marie Curie


Marie Curie Is Born

November 7, 1867

Marie was born in Poland.

Marie Moved To Paris


Marie went to Paris to study at Sorbonne.

Marie Gets Married


Marie married Pierre Curie, which was when her name became Marie Curie.

Marie Becomes A Mother


Marie's first daughter, Irene, is born.

Marie Works With Radium


Marie was hired to do some experiments. While working on them she discovered pure radium.

Marie and her husband win a Nobel Prize


Marie and her husband, Pierre, were awarded a Nobel Prize for their work with radioactivity.

Marie Moves Up


Marie was promoted to the chief assistant to her husband in his laboratory.

Marie Is Widowed


Marie's husband, Pierre, was killed in an accident. She took his place teaching at Sorbonne and was the first woman professor there.

Another Nobel Prize


Marie won her second Nobel Prize, this time on her own, for her continued work in radioactivity.

The x-ray is used in battle


During WWI, Marie used her radioactive research materials to do "x-rays". The x-rays found bullets and other shrapnel in wounded soldiers.

Marie devotes her life to medicine


Marie became a member of the French Academy of Medicine. She devoted herself to using her knowledge to help people.

Marie Curie Visits America


Marie was honored everywhere she went, and was given a gram of radium as a gift.

She joins the fight against cancer


Marie and her sister started a research facility to help fight cancer. It is still opened today and is called the Marie Sklodowska Curie Oncology Center.

Marie Curie Dies


Marie got sick and died shortly after, but she will never be forgotten. Her work helped advance the medical world and save thousands of lives.