Terraria and Roblox, The Blockening


The Beginning of the Alpha

September 2004

The Beginning of the Beta and end of the Alpha

February 2005

The network opens allowing people to upload their own games and play them and others.

June 2006

Added customization to shape your character the way you want.

January 2007

Added Walking Animations

Feb 2008

Hit 100,000 players

April 2008

DracoSwordMaster accidentally receives admin powers and goes on a rampage shutting down Roblox for two months.

April 1 2012

For April Fools Day they turn everyone into a cat for a day.

April 1 2014

Changed the Logo

January 2016


The game is released to the public.

May 2011

The 1.1 Update is launched adding hardmode, the Wall of Flesh and the Mechanical Bosses

June 2011