Untitled timeline


Middle Passage

1650 - 1807

Shipment of African slaves from Africa in confined ships 1441-1807

Joint Stock Companies

1650 - 1800

Agreements between colonies and the sponsoring contries that funded exploration and trade. 1600s-1800s

Oliver Cromwell

1650 - 1658

Leader of English Civil war against Charles I. Lead government short time after until 1599-1658


1650 - 1930

Person of mixed ancestry of two ethnic background. Was a catergory for census until the 1930s. (1472 is estimated beginning of use of word)


1650 - 2012

Warfare carried out by Muslims as a religious duty to Islam and Allah.


1650 - 1860

Government contril of foreign trade to insure national securtiy.

Second Treatsie on Civil Government


A political publication by John locke that influenced many rebvelliona and reform in the 17th and 18th century.


1700 - 1815

A popular form of Japanese poetry createdin the 1700s. 1700s-current

Articles of Confederation

1781 - 1787

An attempt to make the newly revolutionised American colonies into states and unfy them. Was modified in 1787. 1781-1787