Frederick Meredith Timeline


Signed onto the 'Scarborough'

2 May 1777

With captain Marshall

Left on the 'Scarborough' bound for Botany Bay

15 May 1777

He left on the ‘Scarborough’ with a position like a purser (he was responsible for the ship's finance and business). The ship was headed to Botany Bay, leaving from Portsmouth.

First fleet arrived in Botany Bay

24 January 1778

Appeared in court

23 February 1778

He appeared in court, charged with given rum to James Stow (a convict) in exchange for what was called a ‘squirrel, probably a possum’. He was found guilty and sentenced to receiving 100 lashes with ‘the cat of nine tails’. It was later reduced to 50 lashings, as he was ordered to make the trade by Captain Marshall.

Carved 'FM 1788' onto a rock and became one of Australia's first white graffitists

Approx. 1788

Assigned to look after vegetable patch on Garden Island

Approx. 1788

The ‘Sirius’ arrived in Van Diemens Land

20 February 1789

He was on the ship as the baker, with the captain being: Captain Hunter

Charlotte is born (mother - May Allein)

9 May 1790

The ‘Sirius’ gets shipwrecked on voyage to Norfolk Island

Approx. June 1790

Charlotte passes away

Approx. 1792

Amelia is born (mother - Ann Case)

10 May 1793

Granted 60 acres of land that he names ‘Charlotte Farm’ at Liberty Planes

28 May 1793

Amelia passes away

27 February 1794

Charlotte is born (mother - Mary Kirk)

24 April 1794