Chapter 11 Section 1-4


Merrimack Sinks off the Coast of Virginia

Approx. 1861

Fort Sumter Attacked

Approx. April 12, 1861

Virginia Sucedes

Approx. April 17, 1861

Britain Declares Neutrality

Approx. May 1861

AR, TN, NC Sucedes

Approx. May 1861

Bull Run

Approx. July 21, 1861

An Incident Occurs to Test Neutrality

Approx. September 1861

African-Americans Could Serve in the Army

Approx. 1862

Confederacy Passes a Draft Law

Approx. 1862

Lincoln is Urged to Transform the War into a Abolitionist Crusade

Approx. 1862

Davis Suspends Habeas Corpus in the Confederacy

Approx. 1862

Invasion of Tennessee

Approx. February 1862

Troops Gather at Shiloh

Approx. March 1862

Merrimack Attacks Three Union Warships

Approx. March 8, 1862

Historic Duel, Monitor Vs. Merrimack

Approx. March 9, 1862

McClellan Moves Troops to Richmond

Approx. April 1862

Confederates Surprise the Union

Approx. April 6, 1862

Farragut Leads Fleet Through Enemy Territory

Approx. April 24, 1862

Seven Days Battle Begins

Approx. June 25, 1862

Seven Days Battle End

Approx. July 1, 1862

Confederate Victory at Bull Run (2nd time)

Approx. August 29, 1862


Approx. September 17, 1862

McClellan Fired

Approx. November 7, 1862

Fight to Death

Approx. January 1863

West Virginia

Approx. 1863

Congress Enacts Tax Law

Approx. 1863

Emmancipation Proclamtion Issued

Approx. January 1, 1863

Union Follows Confederacy in Passing a Draft Law

Approx. 1863

South Victory at Chancellorville

Approx. May 1863

Stonewall Jackson Gets Shot

Approx. May 2, 1863

Jackson Dies of Pneumonia

Approx. May 10, 1863

Troops Ready to Battle for Gettysburg

Approx. July 2, 1863

Battle of Gettysburg

Approx. July 3, 1863

Lee Orders an Artillery Barage

Approx. July 3, 1863

Mobs Rampage NYC

Approx. July 13, 1863

Ceromony to Dedicate a Cemetery in Gettysburg

Approx. November 1863

Massacre at Fort Pillow

Approx. 1864

Ulysses S. Grant Appointed as Hero of the Battle at Vicksburg

Approx. March 1864

Civil War Ends

Approx. 1865

End of Confederacy was Near

Approx. March 1865

Lee and Grant Meet to Arrange Confederate's Surrender

Approx. April 9, 1865