World War I


The Sussex

March 24, 1916

French passenger ship
German attack
80 Killed
2 Americans

The Sussex Pledge

March 24, 1916 - January 31, 1917

The German government promised that U-Boats would warn ships before attacking. Lasted until January 31, 1917

The Zimmermann Telegram

January 1917

The Sussex Pledge

February 3, 1917

The U.S. broke diplomatic relations with Germany
Wilson warned war would follow if American interests were violated at sea

The California

February 6, 1917

German sub sinks U.S. passenger ship “California” off the coast of Ireland
Ship sank in 9 minutes and resulted in the death of 45 people

The Zimmermann Telegram

February 24, 1917

British released the transcript to President Wilson
Arthur Zimmermann (German Foreign Secretary)
Secret note: If Mexico declared war on the United States, Germany would reward it with American land in the Southwest

The Zimmermann Telegram

March 1, 1917

Published in American Papers