History of Communications


First release of INK

2500 BC

For this event, I think Ink is very important. I want to get into the journalism field, so of course ink is huge!

3D Painting for the first time!

650 BC

Now this isnt a direct hit on my career but I chose it because it symbolized what was to come. It showed that new technologies and ways of doing this was on the way

Water Clock

325 BC

The clock is a very important thing to someone in media communications. Often you are faced with deadlines, and the clock is crucial in some situations

Gutenburg Invents Printing Press

Approx. 1440

Especially for someone trying to get into journalism, the printing press was a huge milestone! This led to the start of what would be my making of history.

Printing INK


Journalism is a big key in time. Now we are able to put our words onto paper and get it to the public!

First Projection!


When writing a script for a movie, you need somewhere to project that movie! Thats why the first projection was huge, because soon people would be projecting all over the world

First Newspaper Released


Finally, we made it big time! I wanted to write high school hockey for the local newspaper, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it had it not been for the first paper released.

Electrical Battery Created


The battery has been created, next up something big! What device would they put that battery into? What would that battery be used for? Just watch!

Charles Wheatstone creates Electric Telegraph


Telegraph is open to the world. Next, the change of a century would come with the greatest single invention of all time that we take for granted

Full Sail opens in Dayton


Full Sail opens its first school in Dayton, Ohio. I wonder if this is a good school, I should try it!

Adobe "Creative Suite" released


all my projects are created on the adobe suite so thats why this was huge to me. Once the suite was released it only got better

Twitter Launched


The biggest social media tool available at the time, is twitter. It is a marketers dream because its not only free to use, but you can reach the millions of eyes that scroll through

Gianni Graduates


This is the end of the road. This is where I define my legacy and really test the years I have spent at Full Sail. I am ready to tackle life, and Full Sail is now my alumni school .