Project Timeline-ENP455


Background information and research conducted

28 February 17 - 7 March 17

Start date of the Topic report, client brief and project timeline. Allocation of topics, into environment, landscape, heritage and built form. Group then explored their categories to gain background knowledge of the site and its surrounds.

Document Layout and Development of Topic Headings

7 March 17 - 10 March 17

In class it was agreed to use a set template for the document. Then time was spent identifying possible headings and topics for the report. This was then finalised over the next week, to form the finalised headings for the document.

Development of written content

7 March 17 - 28 March 17

After background research was conducted and collated, introductions and locational context information was written as an addition to the final report. As more information is gathered, site visits are completed and community groups are identified, each group member will continue to develop the report content.

Collection of images and maps for the final report

14 March 17 - 28 March 17

Images and maps were then edited, developed and added to the report, to better represent key findings in the area.

Multiple site visits to Beerwah East

14 March 17 - 17 March 17

Site visits were conducted to identify key elements, findings and landmarks within Beerwah East. Photographs were taken for the final report.

Identification of Community Groups and Site visits for Consultation

20 March 17 - 28 March 17

Community groups for each topic will be identified using desktop research. If any consultation is necessary, this will be conducted within this time frame.

Group Discussion about Progress and Criteria requirements

21 March 17

In class discussion between group members to ensure that all sections of the report are cohesive and that all requirements of criteria are explored.