Birth of a King 1638

Approx. September 5, 1638

Louis ascends to king 1643

May 14, 1643

Louis ascends to king after the death of his father

Louis crowned and consecrated 1654


Louis is crowned and consecrated at Rheims

Marriage of Louis and Maria Teresa 1660

June 14, 1660

Louis marries Maria Teresa, infanta of spain

death of Mazarin grants louis power 1661


Mazarin's death grants Louis full control of France.

Construction of versailles begins 1661


King Louis pays for the construction of Versailles

Expansion of French 1667


King Louis decides to expand french territories by attacking the Spanish Netherlands

Official Opening of Versailles 1682

May 6, 1682

Official opening of The palace of Versailles

Louis cancels the Edict of Nantes 1685

October 16, 1685

Louis cancels the Edict of Nantes, focring Huguenots to flee France

King Louis wants to unite French and Spanish crowns 1700

January 1, 1700

War of spanish succession begins

January 1, 1701

England unites against King Louis XIV again

War of Spanish succession ends 1714

January 1, 1714

King Louis XIV dies 1715

September 1, 1715