Important Events of WWII


Germany Invades Poland

September 1939 - October 1939

Hitler wanted Germany's land back that Portland stole. England and France helped defend Poland. England and France declares war on Germany.

Battle of Britain

July 1940 - October 1940

Germans bombed England for most of Summer, hoping to terrorize the population. The British wouldn't surrender and Churchill made it the British people's finest hour.

Germany Ivades the Soviet Union

June 1941 - December 1941

Hitler broke the agreement he had with Stalin, and invaded. It was a surprise attack, but the Soviet Union's cold Winter stopped the victory.

Japan Attacks US Navy in Pearl Harbor

December 1941

The Japanese launched a sneak attack on the US Navy, killing 2000+. Japan wanted to create an empire in the Pacific. The ended in the US being neutral and US declaring war on Japan.

Battle of Stalingrad

1942 - February 1943

For over 10 months, Germans and Soviets fought in this city. The Soviet Army began pushing the Germans out. In 1945, the Soviets pushed the Germans back to Germany, and the Soviets began beating the Germans.

D-Day : Invasion of Normandy

June 1944

The British, Canadians, and Americans were ready to push the Germans out of France. The French were thrilled to not be under Nazi rule anymore. The Germans retreated and now they had a big problem since they were about to lose WWII

Island Hopping


The US adopted this military strategy to attack Japan. The US moved across the Pacific, island to island until reaching Japan. It was slow, but resulted in any battles.

Yalta & Potsdam Conference

February 1945

FDR, Churchill, and Stalin met in Yalta, Soviet Union. They discussed how Europe would be after the war. Stalin agreed to gibe them Democratic elections. The leaders met again in Potsdam, Germany. FDR passed away so Trueman replaced him. Stalin changed his mind about having Democratic elections, which led to the Cold War after WWII.

V-E Day : Victory in Europe

May 1945

Italy had been defeated by the US and Britain. By 1945, US, Britain, and the Soviet armies were in Berlin and Germany formally surrendered. Hitler committed suicide and the war was over in Europe.

US Drops Atomic Bombs on Japan

August 1945

Trueman demanded that Japan surrender, but they refused. He decided to use atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Japan finally surrendered after an estimated 200,000 people were killed.

United Nations Created

October 1945

FDR wanted to create peace after WWII. They would have the authority to enforce decisions. It's headquarters were in NYC. The goal was to prevent future World Wars.

Nuremberg Trials

November 1945 - October 1946

The Nazi leader crimes were considered "crimes against humanity" and included genocide, slave labor, and concentration camps. Of the 20 Nazi's put on trial, 17 were found guilty, 10 executed, 7 with life prison.

Rebuilding Japan

1947 - 1952

Japan hasn't been in a war since. General MacArthur wanted to create democracy in Japan (Constitution of 1947). By 1952, the government decided the rebuilding was complete.