Bielski Brothers Timeline


Anti-Semitism Grows

Approx. 1930 - Approx. 1939

Hatred and prejudice towards Jews grows as Hitler comes to power.

Jews are Separated

Approx. 1940 - Approx. 1942

Jews are separated from the rest of civilization as the first part of Hitler's Plan

Anti-Jewish Laws are Passed

July 1941

Laws are passed that require Jews to wear stars on the front and back of their clothes, prohibit them from walking on the sidewalks, along with various other ridiculous rules.

Yakov and Abraham were killed

Approx. October 1941

The younger brothers of Tuvia, Zus, and Asael, named Yakov and Abraham were arrested and killed because they wouldn't give any information of their older brothers' whereabouts.

Mass Murderings

December 8, 1941

The Bielski parents and Zus's wife and young child are arrested and murdered by the Nazis, along with many others.

The Group is Officially Founded

Approx. August 1942

The partisan group "Marshal Georgi" is officially formed, with Tuvia Bielski as the group's commander.

Bielski Base is discovered

February 15, 1943

The Nazis found the base in the forest due to a trail of blood left by Bielski fighters. The Bielski group is forced to flee.

The Base is moved

April 15, 1943

With their old base discovered, the brothers decide to move their base to the Stara- Huta forest.

The New Bielski is Discovered

May 1943

Tuvia feels the Germans have discovered the location of his new base because of airplanes swooping low overhead and German officers on the edge of the forest.

The Bielskis Flee

Approx. May 2, 1943 - Approx. June 1943

After their Bielski Base is discovered for the second time, they decide to move to a different part of the forest. However, just days after they settle at a new location they are attacked by Nazis, and everybody in the group flees. After regrouping, the whole group decides to move to the Naliboki Puscha, a dense forest where other partisans were hiding at the time..

The partisan is forced to split

Approx. August 1943

Sergei Vasilyev told the brothers that the Bielski Partisan group would have to split. He ordered the fighters, about 150 men to remain in the puscha, and the non fighters to move back to their original forest near Stankevich. Tuvia was in charge of the noncombatant group, and Zus helped lead the group of fighters.

Disagreement with Kessler

Approx. October 1, 1943 - Approx. March 31, 1944

Israel Kessler was criticizing the brothers and their operations and leadership style, and began telling the leaders of the puscha about it. The leaders found that mast of his statements weren't true, and Asael ended up killing him out of rage

The Germans attack the base camp

July 9 1944

The ragged German forces attack the base on the edge of the puscha. Other nearby partisans were alerted, and the Germans retreated to the outside edge of the forest

The Jews Left

July 10, 1944

The Russian Army forces the Germans out of the Belorussian forests, so all of the Jews in the Forest camp are not threatened anymore, and it is safe to leave.