Civil Rights

these are big moments durring the civil rights moment and why they were so important


Brown vs. Board of Education

May 17, 1954

An act allowing white and blacks to go to school together showing racial equality in a educstional level

Emmit Till

August 28 1955

A young black boy that was killed for simply commenting on a white girl's beauty which lead to something called Emmit Till etiquette. This was a list of dos and don'ts for black and whites(mostly blacks)that where racially unfair. Yet if you followed them you wouldn't be killed, therefore if you don't follow these discriminatory rules you would be killed.

Montgomery Bus Boycott


Rosa Parks stood up for how unfair blacks were being treated by doing something as simple as not sitting was supposed to sit on the bus and went to jail for it, but her story got out and started a group of people with hope and then went on to create the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Little Rock Nine High School Interrogation

September 1957

9 black kids kicked out of school and portest against the black educational rights wanting to show that there is more than one definition of equality.

Greensboro Sit-ins


A couple blacks and whites would get together and purposely do sit-ins and spread the effects to people and start protests

Freedom Rides

May 4, 1961

Black sand whites would get in big vans and illegally cross state lines to stand up for equal rights and show that they need freedom.

Birmingham Demonstrations


MLK launched project C which basically was to have mass protests to end the segregation. This event also was the beginning of the great leadership of MLK

March on Washington

August 28, 1963

A march led in Washington DC by MLK and other black rights representers joined by up to 300,000 other people to protest black rights.

Civil Rights Act


Signed by the current US president Lyndon Johnson, the Civil Rights act of 1964 was to out-law any discrimination and segregation of race, color, religion, or sex.

MLK Assassination

April 4, 1968

MLK was assassinated by a white man in a hotel showing that no matter what makes a difference and how big it was, there is always a fault in the plan and something will always fall in the end.