Quebec/Canada Timeline


United Nations


United Nation is established following WW2. Canada is one of the original members.

Cold War

1945 - 1991

Cold War starts with a Soviet spy exposing a Russian spy ring in Canada.

NATO Formed


North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an alliance between the US, Canada, and a handful of other countries in the Northern Atlantic region.

Quiet Revolution

1960 - 1970

A period of socio-political and socio-cultural change in Quebec, in an effort to gain more control over their own province. It is called the Quiet Revolution because it was unknown of in the other provinces.

Cuban Missile Crisis


A nuclear war scare between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Canadian Flag Raised


After much discussion between English and French Canada, the maple leaf was agreed upon.

Immigration Policy Changed


Canadian Immigration policy made 'colour-blind.'

Parti Quebecois Formed

October, 1968

Parti Quebecois formed from a merger between the Mouvement souveraineté-association (MSA), led by René Lévesque, and the Ralliement national (RN), led by Gilles Grégoire. Rene Levesque was the leader of the new party, which was focused on the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada.

Official Languages Act

September 9, 1969

The Official Languages Act is a federal statute passed in 1969 that made English and French the official languages of Canada. It was passed on the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism.

War Measures Act Invoked


The Act was invoked in response to kidnappings by a terrorist group, Front de Liberation du Quebec.

Multiculturalism Policy Instated


The Canadian government under PM Pierre Trudeau instated an official policy of multiculturalism, recognizing and respecting a society diverse in languages, cultures, religions, etc.

Immigration Act


Act giving more power to the provinces to set their own immigration regulations.

Montreal Olympics


Olympic Games are held in Montreal, Quebec.

Bill 101


Officially named the Charter of the French Language, Bill 101 defined French as the official language of Quebec.

Referendum of 1980


Referendum called by the Parti Quebecois, asking whether Quebec should pursue a path towards sovereignty.

Constitution Patriated


The new Canadian Constitution was instated with the agreement of all provinces except Quebec.

Bloc Quebecois Formed


Bloc Quebecois is a political party focused on Quebec nationalism and the promotion of Quebec sovereignty.

North American Free Trade Agreement


Canada, the United States, and Mexico sign the agreement.

Quebec Referendum


The second referendum to ask Quebec residents whether the province should proclaim national sovereignty and become an independent country. 50.58% voted no.

Clarity Act


Legislation passed that established the conditions under which the Government of Canada would enter into negotiations that might lead to secession following such a vote by one of the provinces.