Iraq invades Kuwait

August 2, 1990

Iraq invaded Kuwait in order to replenish their country using Kuwait's resources after the depleting war between Iran and Iraq.

President Bush declares invasion "Will not stand."

August 5, 1990

Bush was looking out for American and world interests regarding the oil supply and possible terrorism.

The first Air Force fighter planes arrive in Saudi Arabia

August 8, 1990

America prepares for war

America discusses and prepares plans for war

August 10, 1990 - January 12, 1991

American officials meet with those from different countries in order to build a plan of action.

UN Security Council authorizes "all means necessary"

November 29, 1990

The UN states that Iraq needs to be removed from Kuwait no matter what.

US Congress authorizes the use of force

January 12th 1991

The US Congress gives the military permission to fight in order to remove Iraq from Kuwait

The War Goes On

January 15 1991 - June 8 1991

Battle is waged, especially between the US and Iraqi forces.

Allied attack begins with Apache strike at 2:38 A.M

January 17, 1991

The battle begins.

Navy attacks Iraqi oil tanker, and Schwarzkopf threatens to court martial

January 22 1991

Schwarzkopf threatened to court martial those involved in the attack, possibly because of the danger to the oil.

F-111s attack oil manifolds at Al Ahmadi to counter Iraqi sabotage.

January 26 1991

Richard Cheney dispatches Delta Force to Saudi Arabia to hunt for Scuds.

January 30 1991

Last Tomahawk missiles are launched in attack on Baghdad airfield.

February 1 1991

First "tank-plinking" mission flown.

February 5 1991

Strike on Al Firdos bunker kills more than two hundred civilians and leads to restrictions on strategic bombing campaign

February 13 1991

1st Cavalry Division feints up the Wadi al Batin; pulls back with three dead and nine wounded.

February 20 1991

Bush sets deadline of noon, February 23, for Iraqi withdrawal.

February 21 1991

Stealth fighters attack Iraqi intelligence headquarters, unaware that allied POWs are inside. Army Special Forces teams inserted deep into Iraq.

February 23 1991

Ground attack begins. Schwarzkopf decides to accelerate main attack of VII Corps by fifteen hours.

February 24 1991

Iraqis flee Kuwait City.

February 26 1991

Cease-fire takes effect at 8 A.M

February 28 1991

Schwarzkopf meets Iraqi generals at Safwan.

March 3 1991

David Eberly and most other POWs are released

March 5 1991

Victory parade in Washington

June 8 1991