A brief timeline of important people



1619 - 1865

In 1861, Abraham Lincoln called for the end of slavery in the entire U.S. 4 years later., it was outlawed.

Fredrick Douglas (Abolitionist)


Underground Railroad ( Harriet Tubman)

1850 - 1861

Harriet Tubman was a Slave, who, through the help of others, escaped slavery and returned many times to help others make it out of the south and in the the northern states and Canada.

Soujurner Truth

1851 - 1883

Was an ex slave who eventually got to the north and had a famous speech named ain't I a woman and later started a program for ex slaves.

Jim Crow Laws

1876 - 1965

The Jim Crow laws introduced segregation into America between the whites and other races. The laws meant that the whites and other races used different facilities such as schools, washrooms and seating areas.

Jesse Owens


James Cleveland (Jesse) Owens was an African American sprinter in the Berlin Olympics who won 4 gold meatals in 100m, 200m, 4x100m and long jump. He won 4 metals even though Hitler didn't agree with Owens participating on account of his skin colour.

Jackie Robinson

1947 - 1957

Jackie Robinson was the first M.L.B player to break the colour barrier in baseball and the only player to have his number retired for every team in baseball.

Apartheid in South Africa

1948 - 1994

Apartheid was a South African segregation that was very strict that punished other races for going onto whites property or working for companies without special papers.

Rosa Parks


On December 1, 1955 Rosa refuses to give up heìr seat at the front of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama and eventually gets arrested for civil disobedience and sued, her resiliance showed amazing dedication for her beliefs.

Harper Lee


Harper Lee was an author that was famous for to Kill a Mockingbird which showed racial tensions in the 1960s.

Black Panther party

1966 - 1980

The Black Panther party was a party that wanted peace between all races in America and no police brutality but after the M.L.K assatination there was a thrash of violent streaks. The party disbanded in 1980.