MYP Project


Started Research!

Approx. November 10 2016

I started looking up little things like editing systems perfect for compilations. Also I went on YouTube to look and see if some compilations had the editing system listed below.

Recording Day!

Approx. November 30 2016

I started recording on my computer small videos on me singing different songs. I couldn't do it on my phone since I didn't have much storage left. They were bad quality but they would do.

Put It Together!

Approx. December 5 2016

I started to put pieces of it together and it wasn't the best but I was still learning something new and it was really fun, at first.

Oh No!

Approx. December 12, 2016

My computer broke completely. My screen would turn black and then go to the start screen then turn black again and do this every 3-4 seconds. I couldn't do anything!

All Fixed!

Approx. December 14, 2016

I took my computer to Best Buy and then Geek Squad. They said it was an easy fixed and I got it back within 3 hours and I was back to working on editing.


Approx. December 16, 2016

It happened again! My computer did the exact same thing and I was so mad. I took back to Geek Squad and they said I could get back within a week. So I waited...

Alright, Back To Work!

Approx. December 22, 2016

I got it back and again as before, it was working perfectly so I again jumped back on the work train trying to finish

Are You Kidding Me?!?

Approx. December 28, 2016

Surprise surprise, it broke again. Same problem and so when I took it back to Geek Squad, they told me they would have to wipe my entire computer in order to fix it, meaning losing all my progress so I agreed to fixing the computer.

What Am I Gonna Do?!

Approx. January 5, 2017

I had no project now! I was out of a project and people were just finishing theirs. I tried finding the same editing systems and no luck. I had no time for recording because school started again in 5 days!

I Couldn't Finish!

Approx. January 16, 2017

Progress Journals were due and I still couldn't finish. I mean I still learned something. I learned that making compilations is time consuming and not easy as I thought and that's ok!

It's Ok.

Approx. February 10, 2017

It was report time and it's ok. I didn't have a product. It was ok though. I still learned something and now I can tell people my experience and how it's hard and time consuming. The sun will rise again and I still completely fail my class. Hopefully...