3D Printing


The creation of the concept of 3D Printing by Dr. Kodama

Approx. June 1, 1980

The concept of 3D Printing was first created by Dr. Kodama. Unfortunately, the patent requirement was not filed before the deadline.

Stereolithography by french then abandoned

Approx. Jan 1, 1984

A group of French engineers was interested in the Stereolithography Dr. Kodama had started. But their work got abandoned due to the lack of business perspective.

First patent deposited by Charles Hull

Jun 1, 1986

Charles Hull saw great potential in this Stereolithography, which led to him depositing the first patent for this technology.

Creation of 3D Systems Corporation and SLA

Approx. Jun 1, 1987

Charles Hull founded the 3D Systems Corporation, also releasing the first 3D printer, the SLA-1.

Creation of Fused Deposition Modelling

Approx. Mar 1, 1988

Scott Crump, a co-founder of Stratasys Inc. brought a patent for Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), becoming the third type of 3D Printing.

The creation of SLS technology

Approx. Jul 1, 1988

Carl Deckard filed another patent for a different type of 3D Printing technology called SLS technology, in which a laser is used to fuse powdered grains together.

Creation of EOS GmbH and the "EOS" system

Approx. Jun 1, 1990

In 1990, Dr. Hans J. Langer founded EOS GmbH, who then created the first “EOS” system. This new system had such a high quality that it’s still known for its efficiency and quality in the field of SLS technology yet today.

The invention of more 3D Printers

Dec 1, 1990 - Jul 1, 1999

In between 1993 and 1999, many more types of 3D Printing were invented and developed. Z Corporation then created model Z402, In the same time, two more types of 3D Printing were created, being Arcam MCP technology and Selective Laser Melting. Researchers also foresaw a new path that could be opened to the field of 3D Printing, in the area of medication.

Stratasys invents variety of 3D Printers

Approx. Jun 1, 1992

Stratasys invented many 3D printers for both professionals and amateurs after being issued with the Fused Deposition Modeling patent.

The first 3D Printed working kidney

Jun 1, 2000

3D Printing first gained the media when the world witnessed the first ever 3D Printed working kidney. The idea of printed organs was finally made into reality, achieving this milestone that no one thought 3D Printing would. With this success, the development of 3D Printed organs rapidly accelerated; many other perfectly working 3D Printed organs were created and used in patients in this decade.

First self-replicating 3D Printer

Jan 1, 2004

The first self-replicating 3D Printer was built, in a project called RapRap.

First high-definition 3D Printer

Jun 1, 2005

The first high-definition 3D Printer was created and released by Zcorp.

First 3D Printed Car

Jun 1, 2010

The first 3D Printed car was created, making the concept of 3D Printed vehicles more than just a concept, but instead, a reality.

3D Printed food

Approx. Dec 1, 2011

The concept of 3D Printed food was created, initiating the development of the first food 3D Printer in Cornell University.

President Obama's speech

jun 1, 2013

President Obama mentioned the possibilities of additive manufacturing or 3D Printing in his speech, saying, “New workers can master the technology of 3D Printing, which has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.”

First 3D Printed object in space

Jun 1, 2014

NASA saw great potential in the use of 3D Printers in Space, therefore developed the first 3D Printer that worked in outer space. This device was soon tested and created the first 3D Printed object in outer space.