Islamic Terrorism


Al Qaida Attacks Twin Towers

Approx. Sept 11, 2001

New York, New York
2,752 People Dead

Muslim Snipers kill Kenya Cook and more people from Coast to Coast

Approx. Feb 16, 2002 - Approx. Oct 22, 2002

Muslim Son of Saudi Millionare slashes the throat of Jewish friend

Approx. Aug 6, 2003

Houston, Texas

Muslim Doctor leaves Jewish patient with Stomach problem to die

Approx. Dec 2, 2003

Muslim man kills wife because his familie honor was taken

Approx. April 15, 2004

Mustafe Mohammed slashes six people at retirement home

Approx. January 2005

Jewish man from movies get shot at movie theather, by muslim man and muslim man surrenders

Approx. June 16, 2006

22 year old converted to islam and gun to shoot 4 co-worker

Approx. June 25, 2006

Muslim man shot six women killing one "classified as hate crime"

Approx. July 28 2006

Muslim man kills his 2 daughters in Texas because they were dating non muslim boys

Approx. Jan 1 2008

Man converted to Islam opens fire on Us soldiers kill 0

Approx. June 1 2009

American proffesor is stabbed to death by a muslim grad student in revenge for persecuted muslims

Approx. Dec 4 2009

Three Jewish men get throats slashed by muslim terrorists

Sept 11 2011

Muslims target and behead Christians in Nj

Feb 07 2013

74 year old man shot several times by redicalized ISIS supporter

Approx. Dec 18 2014