Review Timeline


Minoan Culture

3650 BC - 1450 BC

In 1450 BC, the Minoan Culture disappears with no trace what so ever.

The Minoans Dominate Sea Trade

2000 BC - 1400 BC

The Minoans had a very strong Navy which contributed to their domination of sea trade.

Mycenaean Civilization Dominated Greek Mainland Circa

1700 BC - 1200 BC

The Mycenaean civilization was ruled by warrior kings, and they had heavy fortification (Defenses)

Dorian's Make a Move

1150 BC - 750 BC

During 1150 BC the Dorian's make a move and move onto Greece.


776 BC

First known Olympic games held every four years to honor the gods.


625 BC

Messenians revolt against harsh rule.

Draco's Law

621 BC

Draco develops a legal system based on equality of citizens.

New Ruler

594 BC - 500 BC

Solon rules. He gets rid of debt slavery and establishes four social classes based on wealth.

Bye Bye King

509 BC

Romans overthrow Etruscan king Tarquin.

New Ruler

500 BC

Cleisthenes or statesman who rule and split Athens in ten groups based on where you live.

Another Revolt?

499 BC - 493 BC

Ionian Greeks revolt against Persian taxes.


490 BC

Persia defeat.


480 BC

Persians launch new invasion of Greece.

Golden Age

477 BC - 431 BC

Athens Golden Age begins.


461 BC - 429 BC

Pericles a politician leads Athens.

Twelve Tablets

451 BC

Roman law carved on stones.

Peloponnese War

431 BC - 404 Bc

War breaks out between Athens and Sparta.

Battle of Chaernea

338 BC


334 BC

Alexander the Great defeats Darius at Granicus

Battle at Issus

333 BC

Defeated Again

331 BC

Persia is defeated for a second time.

Take over

326 BC

Alexander takes over parts of the Indus River Valley.

Punic Wars

264 BC - 146 BC

Three wars between Rome and Carthage.

Battle of Zama

202 BC

Roman general outsmart the Hannibal's and defeats them.


44 BC

Caesar is assassinated on the steps of the senate

Battle of Actium

31 BC

This battle ends the Roman republic.

The peak

27 BC - 180 AD

Romes peak


64 AD

The Great Fire of Rome (Christians blamed)


313 AD

Christians allowed to worship.

Council of Nicaea

325 AD

The council of Nicaea writes the Nicene Creed.

Capital Moves

330 AD

Moves capital to Byzantium but renamed it Constantinople, “city of Constantine.”


380 AD

Emperor Theodosius makes Christianity the main religion.

The Fall

476 AD

Western Europe Falls.

The Conquering Begins

725 AD

Sparta conquers Messenia.