Voting Rights Timeline AnnL


1776: The Vote is Limited to White Males of Property

May 26, 1776

John adams was writing a letter to James explaining why changing the requirement to vote would be so controversial. He wrote this shortly after the Ameican Revolution and before the signing of the US Constitution. He stated that women , and poor men would soon want to vote and believed that the qualified to vote should not be changed. This is important to voting because it established who could not.

Women lose their all right to vote in all states

1777 - 1807

States like New York and Massachusetts with allow women vote perviously began to forbid them to vote. In 1807, all states not allowed them to vote.

Women suffrage's movement

1848 - 1920

In this 72 years, Women's right convention led lots of women and some men in this period frighted for women right to vote. Although they were beaten in the strikes, put in the jail and even forced feeding of hunger strikers, they still held their belief of their freedom.

15th Amendent


In general, 15th Amendment allowed black to vote in the theory. However, governments still took lots of actions to keep them away from voting in the following time. In addition, minorities in America like Native American and Asians couldn't vote like before.

26th Amendent


Because the widespread protests which against military draft, the voting age is lower to 18.

"language minorities"


The "language minorities" is meant to protect the rights of people who not speak English. Since then, non-English materials are required to provide during the votes.