World War I Timeline

This timeline shows the event that started World War I, the events in between and the event that ended the war altogether.


Assassination of Archduke Franz

June 28, 1914

Archduke Franz was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. However, he and his wife were assassinated while on a formal visit to Sarajevo. The man that was responsible for the assassination was a Serb nationalist named Gavrilo Princip

Russia Mobililizes

July 30, 1914

In favor of it ally Serbia, Russia came together as a wide army to interfere against Austria-Hungary. This end up starting a chain reaction that lead to the rest of European Great Powers to mobilizations

World War I Begins

August 4, 1914

This war began when Germany decided to invade Belgium

Lusitania sinks

May 7, 1915

A torpedo from a German submarine sinks the Lusitania. This giant ship was carrying 1,198 citizens, 128 of these citizens were known to be Americans

German Limits Submarines

September 18, 1915

Kaiser Wilhelm who was the German Emperor during this time ended up stopping unrestricted submarine from going through the ocean. This was his
reaction to the world wide outrage of the Sinking of the Lusitania and other ships during this time.

First Tanks

September 15, 1916

Britain was the first country to ever use the tank in any battle with another country. They decided to develop a weapon like this one so that they would be able to break through barbed wire and clearing path so that they would be able to infantry their enemies. However, the tank failed to be the weapon that the designers thought they would be.

Submarines Back

February 1, 1917

In European waterways the Germans resumed to restrict submarine warfare in the ocean. The U.S.A was draw into the war even more by this act with eventually lead to the defeat of Germany.

Zimmerman Telegram

February 25, 1917

This was a message to Mexico from Germany that was asking them to join them in the war if a war between them and the U.S.A began. In this telegram they promised that if Mexico joined them they would return the rest of the American Southwest that Mexico lost to the U.S.A. Instead of Mexico receiving the telegram Britain received it and then ended up giving it to Wilson the President of the U.S.A. Even though Mexico declined the offer there was outrage of the interference of Germany in the Western Hemisphere so finally American finally began to support the idea of entering the war.

President Wilson for War

April 2, 1917

President Wilson made his case to the Congress for why the U.S.A. should go into the war.

U.S.A Entered World War I

April 6, 1917

Congress agreed that we should declare war against Germany. Soon after the decision about joining the war against Germany the U.S.A entered on the France & Britain side.

Germany & Russia Peace

March 3, 1918

The treaty that Germany signed with the new Bolshevik government of Russia gave Germany new huge land. The land that Germany received from this treaty were Ukraine and Poland. When the peace began the Eastern Front Germany was allowed to shift soldiers to the Western Front. This treaty began some serious problems for the French, British and the Americans.

Battle of Cantigny

May 28, 1918

This was the first battle that the American army was in during this war. Even though this battle was small the American fought bravely and ended up going on to larger attacks against Germany.

Battle of Belleau Wood

June 6, 1918

This battle was started when the U.S Marine Corps attacked the German army in an open field of wheat. There were a lot of people lost in this battle.

Belleau Wood Ends

June 26, 1918

The final expulsion of this battle was by Germany and it took place in the woods. By doing this it was the farthest advance that Germany had on Paris. During the three week battle the area change hands six times with caused nearly 10,000 American casualties.

Battle of St.Mihiel

September 12, 1918

Under the command of General Pershing 300,000 American troops flung themselves into the German lines.

Armistice Day

November 11, 1918

This was the day that World War I ended. However, now a days we celebrate this day as Veteran Day.