Timeline of the Civil War


Dred Scott Decision

Mar 6,1857

Abraham Lincoln becomes president

Nov 6,1860

Lincoln got elected as the 16th presedent.

Succesion of South Carolina

Nov 9,1860

South Carolina succesed to create there own country.

Confederacy is formed

April 12,1861

We started the Confedercy.

Firing on fort sumter

April 12,1861

The confederacy fired on fort sumter.

Battle of First Bull Run

July 21,1861

Union won the battle of first bull run.

The fall of Richmont

April 2,1862

Battle of Second Manassas

Aug 28,1862 - Aug 30,1862

The confederacy won the battle of second Manassas.

Battle of Antietam

Sep 17,1862

The confederacy won the battle of antietam

Emanicaption Proclamation

Sep 22, 1862

Battle of Chattinooga

Nov 23,1862 - Nov 25,1862

The union lost the battle of Chattinooga to the confederacy.

Battle of Gettysberg

July 1,1863 - July 3,1863

General Robert E. Lee's side (confederacy) won the Battle of Gettysberg to the Union.

Surrender of Appomattox

April 7,1865

The Confederacy surrendered on The Surrender of Appoxmattox.

President Lincoln gets assasinated

April 14,1865

Lincoln was shot by John Wilks Booth.